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Of Fried Chicken And Green Beans

Last night, I dreamed I was riding my dog, Lucy, through a small Italian village and came upon something that would completely change my life, reducing stress and increasing happiness:  fried chicken growing in stalks like green beans!

Like many, I struggle with my diet and being from the South, I truly enjoy most any fried foods, so discovering delicious fried chicken that is also a vegetable gave me great hope!

Unfortunately, I woke up to the harsh reality that fried chicken only provides temporary joy, with potentially awful long-term effects.

The same can be said of much of our financial lives.  From delaying an insurance overhaul after a life change to subscribing to fear or euphoria in your investments, it’s very easy to choose joy or safety today in unknowing exchange for unhappiness later.

Fortunately, there’s a simpler solution for our finances than my personal fried chicken challenge.