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Don’t Let Your Investment Plan Crash with The Markets

With a rock-solid investment strategy in place, you can withstand all of the market crashes we will face. And woe to those who don’t have one, because they will flail. Building a portfolio that has a defined goal, like the rest of your expenses throughout your life, must come from a solid philosophy that remains true in all seasons.

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No Budgets for Old Dogs

What we’ve built here is a Spending Plan. An actual plan we can use to spend our money in the best way possible. But no plan is perfect, and we don’t ever want to follow a plan solely because it exists. Instead, I expect you to mold and shape this plan as time goes by so that you are continually spending in a way that aligns with your values and goals.

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The Truth About Your Income

At first glance, income seems like such a simple concept, right? After discussing all the different types, what counts as income, and what doesn’t, it’s easy to see how truly understanding income can get complicated quickly.

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Optimism is the Only Realism – Here’s Why

Optimism is the Only Realism. If we take any cue from history, this can only be true. To be anything other than a long-term optimist, we must cast aside thousands of years of history and inject only our own limited line of sight and our own limited understanding of human nature.