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We live in a wonderful, but expensive place.

Let’s plan on staying here!

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Financial Planning helps you use your resources to meet your life's goals.  

  • First, we have to understand our true values and motivations.  

  • Then we develop our goals and objectives.  

  • Finally, we use these to guide the planning process and create a framework for making the best financial decisions possible.

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Do We Fit?

You are...

...struggling with financial organization and wondering:

  • Why is my investment portfolio constructed this way?
  • Does my everyday spending add joy to my life?
  • Do I have the right amount of insurance?
  • Why does everyone have a trust?

...enjoying life, but concerned about how much it costs to live here

...looking to lower your financial stress rather than achieve financial perfection

...an independent thinker who simply doesn't have the time to do all this yourself

...not burdened by excessive debt, but unsure if your resources will provide the life you want

...not interested in owning investment real estate long term

...looking for an advisor who will give the best advice for you!

I am...

...most interested in helping families find financial peace

...a Certified Financial Planner® dedicated to holistic advice

...a Chartered Financial Analyst who knows how Wall Street works

...a 25-year professional who managed money for institutional clients

...a Fiduciary whose sole objective is to give the best advice for you

...a 14-year resident of Blackhawk, member of the club and occasional tennis player

...ready to talk to you!

Let's Talk!

Independent Fee-Only Financial Planning, Investment and Wealth Management Services from CFP® and Chartered Financial Analyst

About Me

Joe Morgan, CFP®, CFA Photo

Joe Morgan, CFP®, CFA

After 25 years in the corporate world managing money for some of the country’s largest foundations, endowments, and corporations, I’ve found a much better way to contribute to my community:  Helping families achieve their financial goals.

So much of Wall Street is designed to work against you, and while working on the institutional side we all understood this.  But families want a trusting relationship with someone they can count on.  Unfortunately, 95% of the financial world is not structured this way, even though they try to convince you they are.  It can be truly shameful.

This is why I decided to begin using my experience and knowledge to help families in my community.  Working together, we can’t achieve miracles, but we can find clarity and peace in our financial lives!

If you are interested in truly understanding your resources and the possibilities for a peaceful, successful financial life, click the “schedule a meeting” button and let’s discuss whether we may be a good fit.

Let's Talk!

Finding financial peace of mind requires both expertise and effort.  

Get the Results You Want!

Case Studies

When choosing an advisor, it is important to know if they have helped people like you.  Though we are prohibited from providing testimonials, we have highlighted some of our experience below. Also, please know these outcomes may not be indicative of your experience as all the advice I give is specialized for each client.

Case Study 1: Staying Put in Retirement

Launa and Andrew raised their daughter in Lafayette and now that she is on her own they want to stay in their large home, enjoying the community and their neighbors.  Andrew is retired at 70, but Launa is 59 and concerned whether their money will support her in an expected long retirement.

As part of their plan, we:

  • Developed a Spending Plan that shows where their money is going on a monthly basis.  This helped Launa and Andrew be more intentional with their spending, replacing a feeling of dread
  • Put together an Investment Strategy that they both could understand creating a long-wanted sense of peace with regard to their portfolio
  • Created a strategy for Launa’s stock options to lower taxes while developing a consistent diversification process
  • Reviewed their current home, auto, and umbrella insurance policies to make sure their home and wealth are protected in case of misfortune
  • Began using the deferred salary option at Launa’s employer to reduce current income taxes
  • Began a discussion on how Launa will want to spend her time in retirement and how that fits in with Andrew’s current retirement schedule
  • Created a strategy for drawing down their retirement funds when the time comes for Launa to begin her retirement

Once the initial plan was complete, Launa and Andrew:

  • Felt confident they were doing everything they can to maintain their lifestyle
  • Began feeling good about their current spending habits
  • Knew they were taking advantage of tax strategies that would help maximize their net worth

Case Study 2: Understanding the Investment Strategy

Julianna and Arthur are in their highest earning years, working for large technology firms in the South Bay.  Arthur has managed the couple’s investments but has never felt very confident in his investment choices for long.  Though their portfolio has grown considerably over the years, they are not sure if they could have done even better with a more long-term approach to investing.  They also have two children and enjoy their San Ramon home and neighborhood greatly.

As part of their plan, we:

  • Discussed why using the markets to fund retirement makes sense and, over time, they committed to a true Investment Philosophy that can be used to make investment decisions in all seasons
  • Implemented a comprehensive plan so they can be confident their investment strategy supports the decisions they are making in the rest of their financial life including: 
    • A new estate plan to protect each other and their children
    • Appropriate life insurance in terms of both amount and term
    • Current spending which had drifted up over the years to an unsustainable level

Once the initial plan was complete, Julianna and Arthur:

  • Became much more confident in their current investment portfolio and the ability to make adjustments when necessary
  • Shifted their focus from concern about the markets (which is beyond their control) to understanding their spending (which is actually under their control).
  • Began spending intentionally which both saved money and increased their satisfaction level with the things they bought
  • Felt confident their children would be taken care of should something happen to them

Case Study 3: How Long Will Funds Last?

Zasa lost her husband suddenly and after years of relying on him for her finances, was left on her own.  She needed someone to look out for her best interests and advise her on every part of her financial life as she settled the estate.

As part of her plan, we:

  • Allocated her husband’s and community assets as per their family trust in a way that would ease management and record-keeping
  • Determined a path to creating her life goals allowing time to adjust to new circumstances and consider how to maximize her remaining years
  • Reviewed current spending and developed a plan for future spending by month to understand how long her resources may support her current lifestyle
  • Discussed whether major adjustments to her investments were appropriate today and determined there was no need to rush into major changes to her portfolio

Once the initial plan was complete, Zasa:

  • Understood that her finances, while not in perfect shape, do not need to be her first priority given the close monitoring we will be doing going forward
  • Had the confidence in her current finances that allowed her to take time for herself to accept what has happened and begin to adjust to her new life
  • Has a strong financial advocate to help her navigate her financial world

Working together to craft and execute a plan that is unique to your financial objectives.

Where do you need help?

Your Financial Plan

We will develop your financial plan by reviewing all areas of your financial life under our Financial Planning service.  Then we will continue to work together to make sure you are making the best financial decisions with the least financial anxiety!

Once we’ve completed the investment portion of your plan, you may hire the firm to manage your investments on your behalf.

We cover all areas of your financial life in order to reduce or eliminate you financial anxiety:

Protect What You Have

  • Property & Casualty Insurance Review
  • Life Insurance Review
  • Estate Plan Review

Know Where It Goes

  • Review last 12 months spending by category
  • Develop Spending Plan for the future
  • Monthly updates to your spending history

Make It Grow

  • Discuss Investment Philosophy, how the markets work, and whether investing is right for you
  • Develop Investment Strategy based on your goals, resources, and risk tolerance
  • Implement the Investment Strategy

Retain DIGNITY & Independence

  • Project cash flows through the rest of your life
  • Understand the risk of running out of funds
  • Run “what if” analysis given your goals and life risks

You have questions and I will help you get the answers that are right for you!

Let's Talk!


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Be Certain You Are Getting the Best Advice for You!

Fiduciary Duty

When it comes to helping you with your money, it is crucial to maintain an open, honest, and direct level of communication, so let me be clear: 


I will NOT seek to outperform market benchmarks at the risk of getting you off-plan


I will NOT accept any compensation tied to third-party products or services


I will always recommend the best course of action for you from my perspective

Further, I have committed to the Fiduciary Standard and have committed to the Fiduciary Oath.

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