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Spend With Joy

How can we find joy in our spending?

When we know it aligns with our values and goals.

This sounds simple, but is not so easy to do in real life.  First, we don’t often think about our values.  Things like good health, caring for family, or securing a thriving future do not come to mind as we browse on-line or stand in the grocery store.

But they should.

Our values should be front and center to our life every day.  They should be obvious in our goals and our actions.  And, certainly in our spending.

One way to get there is to define our goals and keep them written down in front of us as a reminder.   However, I find that this can only work over the short run as such rote, repeated processes tend to wear us down over time.

Instead, I propose that you simply “know” where you spend your money.

A quick review of your spending forces you to consider whether it is aligned with your values.   Because your values define who you want to be, this review acts as a check on how you’re doing versus who you want to be.

So, where does the joy come in?  When your spending review shows you’ve fully aligned with your values, you will know you are spending with joy!

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