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Start Here

To help you (and me) make an informed decision about working together, I offer the following complementary process:

First, a 30-minute phone call:

For You:

  • To share your situation and challenges
  • To learn more about me and how I think about your issues
  • To ask any questions about this service

For Me:

  • To learn what you need and want from a planner
  • To offer insight about your current challenges
  • To understand whether your needs match my service

If we agree we might be a good fit together, then there is some homework for you and a 90 minute in-person meeting.

  • The goal of this meeting is to gather all the information we need to determine if we should work together

  • Bring an open mind, your desire to release your stress, and any technical questions that have been nagging you

  • I promise to listen closely, focusing on your next best steps forward

Schedule Your 30-Minute Phone Call


How Do I Know If I'm a Good Fit?

I deliver the greatest value when I work with people who feel like their finances are controlling them and they are ready to get out from under the anxiety this creates.

  • Move from financial struggle to satisfaction that you are doing the very best you can

  • Gain joy from your everyday spending, knowing you are on track to do everything you want in life

  • Want an advisor who gets paid in a way that does not incentivize complex products or strategies that are not right for you

Still Have Questions?

How Does JWM Make Money?

My firm is a NAPFA member firm whose only source of revenue is the fully disclosed fees charged to clients.  Our flat fee is the same for all our clients, so you can be sure our income does not depend on the advice we give.  I am free to give the advice we think is best for you!

This is very different from most financial advisors who are really product salesmen in disguise.

Do You Offer Hourly or Project-Based Services?

The only way to get advice that is custom designed for your situation and who you are is to work with an advisor in a long-term relationship.  I use my understanding of who you are and what you want from life to help guide you through all of life's upcoming financial decisions.

This comes much easier with time, as I build an understanding of what truly motivates you and what you truly value.

How Are You Different From Other Financial Advisors?

There are three really important things about how I work that separates me from others:

  1.  I listen closely and guide your decision-making process.  I do not "tell" you what to do.  Instead, I show you the various options, the possible results from taking each of those options, and the experiences that others have had as they've navigated similar issues as yours.  Further, I help you make decisions that are consistent with your own values, as sometimes this can be difficult when stress appears.
  2. I am focused on reducing your financial stress.  Quite often, the simplest path is the best.  Because we are not incentivized to add complexity to your life (as many advisors are), I am free to recommend the low-stress path to where you want to go.
  3. My service is unlimited by hours or meetings.  It is designed to provide you with full confidence in every area of your financial life and I am not shy to get my hands dirty on your behalf!

Why Should I Consider Hiring JWM?

Great question!  But first, let me explain why you shouldn't hire me.

If you're looking to optimize every part of your financial life, from taking risks with the IRS and trying to "beat the markets" or hit a "home run," please look elsewhere.

But if you're interested in reducing your financial stress while gaining clarity in what you can accomplish with the rest of your life from a financial perspective, schedule a call!

Schedule Your 30-Minute Phone Call

This phone call will give us both the chance to make sure we are a good fit!