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Investment Management

Assets Under Management

Annualized Asset-Based Fee

First $1,000,000
0.70% (70 basis points)
Next $1,000,000
0.60% (60 basis points)
Next $1,000,000
0.55% (55 basis points)
Amount over $3,000,000
0.50% (50 basis points)

Fees are calculated by blending fee tiers.  For example, a $1.25 million portfolio would be charged 0.70% for the first $1 million and 0.60% on the remaining $250,000.  Minimum fee of $2,800 per year.

Our Investment Management Services Provide:

Investment Planning Integration

  • Ensure the expected returns are enough to satisfy your goals
  • Investments are placed within your risk tolerance
  • Tax structure of your investments is considered with the original investment allocation

Behavioral Investment Counseling

  • Keep portfolios on track for plan success
  • Guard against: Panic-selling at the lows and Euphoric-buying at the highs

On-the-ground implementation

  • Investment Policy Statement (IPS) outlines your customized strategy
  • Custom allocation considers each account’s tax status
  • Portfolio rebalancing
  • Tax-loss harvesting
  • Regular, formal reviews
  • Stock concentration workouts and other specialty services as needed