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Getting to "Ok."

After loss, it's normal to ask 

"Am I going to be ok?"

My focus is to show you what "ok" looks like 

...and how to get there.

Everything probably sounds like a cliche right now and we don't know where to focus.  

This is the most financially vulnerable time of your life...

...and you don't want to make an irreversible mistake.

This is also the time when the traditional financial industry is looking to pounce, locking you into something with high fees...

...or maybe just not taking the time to understand what you need.

I am the alternative.

"I enjoy bringing financial priority and clarity to the lives of people like you."

I solve questions like:

  • What's most important right now?

  • What decisions can I put off?

  • How do I settle the estate?

  • Can I keep this home?

  • Do I need to go back to work?

...and most importantly:

  • Am I going to be OK, financially?

(The answer?  Yes, the plan we build together will get you there.)

We will address all of these and any other financial issues you face, together.

I am a fee-only fiduciary which means I am required to eliminate all conflicts of interest and, when they cannot be eliminated, disclose them.  How do I do this?  Primarily, by charging a flat fee so you know exactly what my service is going to cost.

My fee is an initial payment of $3,500 and $5,000 per year (payable monthly or quarterly).  This ongoing fee can drop to $3,500 if I am subsequently hired to manage your investments (but you don't have to hire me for that.)

The primary issue in financial planning is to have our money outlive us.  The best way to get there is to use your money, intentionally, to live the life you want.

But there are times, like now, when we have to put those big thoughts on hold and simply address our primary needs.

Let's figure it all out together.  Schedule a free consultation below.

It all starts with a phone call...

Schedule a call

Or, if you want to learn more about me and what I do for clients, click "Do We Fit?" at the top of this page and scroll for more.