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Independent Fee-Only Financial Planning, Investment and Wealth Management Services from CFP® and Chartered Financial Analyst

About Me

Joe Morgan, CFP®,CFA Photo

Joe Morgan, CFP®,CFA

I'm Joe Morgan and I work with women who are suffering and want to be sure they are doing the right things with their money.

I am a fiduciary, which means I am required to give the best advice for you by eliminating conflicts of interest to truly sit on your side of the table.  I have a flat fee structure so there is no concern that I am steering you to do something that benefits me.

For 25 years, I've helped family and institutions do the "right" thing with their money and I've found I can help the most where tragedy has struck.

When everything seems to be in a fog, my job is to bring clarity and attention where it needs to be and prioritize the decisions in front of you.

Soon, you won't have to be worried about money anymore.  Together, we'll build and execute a financial plan that addresses your needs and enables your freedom to fill you up again!

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